Expert Real Estate Services helps clients find commercial property to lease; or commercial property owners find clients to lease their property. In addition we advise our clients on understanding the terms of the lease.

Generally, common elements of a lease include:


  • Names of the parties of the agreement.
  • The starting date and duration of the agreement.
  • Identifies the specific property being leased.
  • Provides conditions for renewal or non-renewal.
  • Has a specific consideration (a lump sum or periodic payments) for granting the use of the property.
  • Provisions for a security deposit and terms for its return.
  • May have a specific list of conditions which are therein described as Default Conditions and specific Remedies.
  • May have other specific conditions placed upon the parties such as
  • Need to provide insurance for loss
  • Restrictive use
  • Which party is responsible for maintenance

Expert Real Estate Services advises on making leasing arrangements for commercial property. Should you be considering leasing property, contact us.