Expert Real Estate Services provides advisory complementary services to clients who are in the process of buying a property. As a professional advisor we are committed to ensuring that you find the right kind of home that will keep you satisfied and happy when you move in.

Our process of working with you includes the following:

  1. Meeting with you in person to determine your wish list
  2. Connecting you to professional expertise (ie. Mortgage Brokers or Banks) to determine your purchasing budget
  3. Help you to find the right kind of property based on your needs and wish list
  4. Setting you up to receive auto notifications on new listings  as they become available based on your needs and wish list
  5. Guide you through the process from viewing a property to making an informed offer based on market value and our expertise on local markets
  6. Writing the best offer containing all the necessary conditions needed for your specific situation 
  7. Provide contact info for professional expertise (ie. home inspectors, lawyers and etc.) if need be
  8. Continue our after sale services to you after the deal is finalized in case of any unforeseen issues

In a nut shell our comprehensive services will cover you before, during and after the purchase of your property! contact us